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Curtin University
Department of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineers are involved with the conception, design, manufacture, control, maintenance and management of any system in which motion is a key feature. The system may comprise moving solid elements - components - combined to create a mechanism or machine. Alternatively, it may involve a fluid flowing within or around a solid structure.

mecheng mechanical lab experiment

Mechanical Engineering permits us to harness the energy and forces that exist in Nature, providing for the needs of society. The range of Mechanical Engineering is therefore vast; machines from the size of micro-mechanical devices through to massive power-generating turbines are covered by the discipline. Similarly, the flight and performance of modern aircraft is largely an accomplishment of Mechanical Engineering.

First Aid Course first aid

It is a prerequisite for the Engineering courses that all students possess a current Senior First Aid Certificate. To assist students in obtaining this certificate the School has arranged for the Royal Life Saving Society to provide students First Aid training courses on Campus during the dates July 6th to 14th.

Motor Sports motorsports

Curtin Motorsport are looking for new members in 2010.

Timetables timetable

Timetables for the Department of Mechanical Engineering are available using eStudent, which can be accessed by logging into the OASIS student portal. Please note that timetables are generated by the central administration of the university and may be subject to change.